7 Safety Tips for Online Transactions

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Food, clothing and shelter have long been considered as human’s basic needs. Today, there’s one more thing added to this list – the internet.

The internet has made our lives so convenient that we can even shop for groceries or manage our bank accounts online. This leaves each of us vulnerable to the many threats like fraud and identify theft.

Then again, this does not mean you must boycott the internet in fear. Practising some basic rules and being a little more alert can help you protect yourself from online fraud.

Tips for Secure Transactions Online:

Set difficult passwords:

Birthdays, anniversaries, names or any other word for that matter, can pose a security risk. The best way to choose a secure password is to use random letters. To help you remember your “random password”, use this trick:

I Got Married On 6th December = igmo612

Adding special characters (@,*,/,_) will only strengthen your password.

Use virtual keyboards:

When you make a transaction online or access your bank account online, always use the virtual keyboard to input your password. This will protect you from key loggers that monitor the activity on your computer.

Clear your cache:

After any online transaction make it a habit to clear your cache. This secures your information by ensuring no one else views it.

Install the latest security software:

An antivirus software that’s constantly updated can go a long way in protecting you from fraud and theft. Invest in a good software and follow through on timely upgrades.

Look for websites with ‘https’ URLs:

A website address starting with https (not http) is a secure website. These websites will also display a closed padlock on the right corner of the address bar.

Check for authentication certificates:

Before you make an online transaction check the website for a digital certificate or seal like VeriSign or Norton Secured. These certificates indicate that the website is genuine and secure.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi:

Many cafes and malls offer free Wi-Fi services, and although tempting, try your best to avoid it. This could open up your device to malware and fraud.

The internet is a wonderful invention, but don’t be fooled by fraudulent activities. As they say, “prevention is better than cure” and it holds true even for the internet.

Be safe!

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