The Solution to Mobile Data Offload – Hotspots

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The world’s first smartphone is the IBM Simon, which went on sale on 16th August, 1994. Since then technology has continued to make break-through advancements in the world of mobile phones. The internet only made things easier, faster and better!

Currently, there are around 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. Most of these people use their phones to surf the internet, play games, connect to social media and download apps. It’s no surprise that this has caused an explosion in internet data traffic, which has increased 18 times since 2011. This in turn has resulted in congestion in mobile data networks, leading to a drop in service quality.

The solution – Wi-Fi Hotspots!

The creation of Wi-Fi hotspots will make it easier to tackle network congestion, while ensuring that the user’s experience is not compromised. For example: if a user is watching a video via his/her mobile data, he/she will not enjoy seamless streaming due to the congestion. However, if a user switches to Wi-Fi, he/she will be able to watch videos at a better streaming speed, without any interruptions.

Another notable feature about Wi-Fi hotspots is its versatility. Unlike the usual practice where a user is tied down to a particular network, handset, or access point, Wi-Fi hotspots work across all devices, access points and networks. For example: if a user is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot he/she can work on any device – a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. This user can also connect to different hotspot networks depending on his/her location.

Offloading mobile data to Wi-Fi hotspots is also easy on your pocket. Wi-Fi hotspot fees are much lower as compared to mobile data packages. Today, most restaurants and public spaces are free Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing the user to cut costs. Telecom companies are targeting places with high footfalls like malls, railway stations and bus stops to deploy such services so that they can decongest their networks of data traffic and maintain quality of their voice services.

All these factors contribute to a better user experience, which in turn reduce costs and lower churn. Still looking for a reason to adopt this smart feature?

About Tikona Digital Networks

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